Also known as chronic kidney disease, chronic renal failure is a condition that continues to worsen without treatment. A number of different conditions can cause such diseases. Among the most common are chronic conditions themselves.

These include diabetes and high blood pressure. Initially, there may be little or no symptoms. Within a few months to one year, the condition is usually significant enough to make visible symptoms. You can also hire lawyers for truvada problems via online sources.

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Among the early symptoms that may be considered is decreased urine production, general bad feelings, sleep disturbances, swelling of the extremities, and a host of others. Usually as ongoing failure can increase the number of symptoms, frequency of symptoms may improve, and / or severity of the symptoms is present can be increased.

There are two common treatments that are ultimately used in cases of chronic renal failure. Dialysis is used to compensate for the lack of kidney function. This process may use different methods, but the goal is to filter the blood and maintain key levels as healthy kidneys do.

Often a special diet is needed to help maintain levels in the blood and reduce the damage to the kidneys. Kidney transplantation is a treatment that is more durable, even if the cause is not repaired or maintained the new kidney may eventually fail as well.

A kidney transplant requires preparation and maintenance after the procedure is completed. In some cases, dialysis may be required during the period of time that people are waiting for kidney replacement.