Serviced apartments are on the rise. They are becoming more and more popular. It is relatively cheaper to stay in a serviced apartment for both long-term and short-term. But what makes them really stand out are the amenities included in the stay. You can also enjoy the comfort of deluxe Artel apartments in Brunswick.

Service: As the name implies, this is a serviced living accommodation. Housekeepers are scheduled to clean your apartment daily but you can request to have your place cleaned weekly or twice a week or on an as-needed basis.

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Location: You don’t want to get lost in a city you are not familiar with. Good thing serviced apartments are placed in prime locations around cities. You will be near restaurants, malls, theaters, offices and the like so there are fewer chances of getting lost on your way home. No need to commute long distances because you will be close to your destinations.

Bigger space: You get a whole apartment to yourself. There’s a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and a laundry room. You will not feel like you’re living in a suitcase.

Self-catering: This is the major selling point of serviced apartments. Everything is provided for-from a washing machine to pots and pans. You can do things for yourself. No need to spend money on expensive meals and laundry services.

Experience the true meaning of a home away from home. Look for serviced apartments Brunswick today and enjoy the comforts of living in a home that comes with the perks of a hotel.