For every professional, business card plays an important role. It is one of the most utilized element of marketing and cannot be overlooked. Standard business card includes the name, address, email, phone, and logo of the company.

Many firms must have capabilities to give more reasons to their clients so that they see their cards. The below mentioned are some simple tips and tricks to use referral pads printing as a tool in a more effective way.

Business Cards

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Invite The Clients:

On the backside, make a referral card so as to make it convenient for you to inform your customers about the next meeting. Leave the space for writing the time, date and subject of the occasion.


Sticker is the best solution for people who are concerned about the loosing of their business card at the time of shuffling.

Pad Cards:

Pads are a simple and economical type of card. They are used to print your business card on the lighter paper and then tie them with a tear-strip strap so as to create a cushion.

Relevant Information:

If you belong from a travel service provider company then make a list of codes that are used on the airport and the time zone at the backside of the pad.

Message Cards:

This type of card is useful for salesmen those who want that their clients are able to keep the key points of the meeting in their minds.

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement reviews the fundamental nature of your business. They are perfectly placed at the back of your card. Make use of bold and simple text so that people are able to read it.