As more and more construction projects are going on around the world there are lots initiatives being taking place for getting the work done in bounded time. Latest technology is trying to replace workers. All sought of initiatives are being taken by technology-based industry to replace human worker with machineries.

Though industries are putting up their best efforts in replacing humane workers with machines still there is high demand for human workers. 100% of tasks cannot be automated hence every automated industry are failing replacing humane workers. Robotics are the main area of automated industry to approach more and more clients for replacing human workers. Though artificial intelligence is playing important role in developing robots for construction works but many times it fails in getting the minute construction work done.

Cost play one of the important roles in preventing the replacement of human workers with automated machines. Initial level investments are huge if one opts for automated machines compared to humane workers and this inclines construction contractors towards human workers.

Although human workers need to work for limited amount of time per day compared to machines still, they cost much low. Machine maintenance are high in cost hence this too inclines contractors towards workers.

Construction law firms have huge experience in dealing with construction contractors which includes humane workers instead of machines for construction works. Hence construction contractors favor human workers instead of machines.