A smoothie is a general term given to one of a variety of different mixed drinks that usually contain fruits and other ingredients.

If you will try your hand at making your own smoothie, there are some things you need to know. Smoothie ingredients break down into three categories: fruit, liquids, and additions. You can browse the internet to get the best and delicious healthy smoothie recipes.

First, let’s talk about fruit. Fruits are a must-add component of smoothie. Now, not all the fruit actually taste good in a smoothie. Some fruits taste well, others awful.

Berries, creamy fruits, and stone fruits like peaches all taste well in smoothies. Melon can work well in lesser amounts. However, many popular fruits do not work very well in smoothies.

An apple, for example, does not really make a great foundation smoothie ingredient. Use apple cider as a base fluid for a smoothie instead of apple flavor.

No smoothie would be complete without some additional material. You can add nutritional supplements (especially the type of powder), nuts (use of raw nuts or ready to rue addition to your beans) and green vegetables (spinach, kale, and parsley).

Because each of the three categories contains a near-infinite potential for variation, you can see that the total number smoothie is basically unlimited. Do not be afraid to mix something strange!