Cyprus has become a desired place for foreign properties. With a variety of new resorts to choose from across the island, why exactly do many current investors opt for relatively expensive houses for sale in Paphos?

From where the sea surrounds the beach in southwestern Cyprus, Paphos sits majestically as it has for thousands of years, and now presents a rich history and scarce new developments to create a heaven for tourists and buyers of properties that have congregated all over the world. Due to this type of new places, recent times have witnessed a leveling of Paphos house, but they are still approximately 15% higher now than in the rest of the island.

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Therefore, it is true that the real estate market in Paphos has lacked activity in recent years, but with a greater demand in another location area, the cost of a region of local origin is now reaching amounts comparable to those of Paphos.

However, Paphos as the location of the house seems to preserve the prestige of the difference and, unlike many cheaper rivals, offers most of the island’s attractions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, some areas are excellent golf courses and a completely new port that will end in the near future at Coral Bay.

Included in this case, Paphos offers established services from the air, with evidence that may be less than the new growth compared to other places on the island, which makes the entire area a clear choice among many investors is critical and high level.