Innovation, both through the development of new products or processes, it has become important for companies in virtually every industry. Here comes the role of innovation consultants who help you to stay motivated every time.

For manufacturers, the problem is particularly acute because of the ease with which competitors can outsource the production. No longer able to mature companies with an established manufacturing base, relying on the economic advantages of scale as barriers to entry of new competitors.

certified innovation consultant has worked with hundreds of customers from businesses large multi-national corporations to small entrepreneurial start-up, apply a unique configuration of equipment and extensive chemical expertise. These efforts have often resulted in new products, processes and, at times, a new business segment for client companies.

As expected from development projects, but many failed to generate successful innovations, though, in retrospect, a large amount of effort did result in huge savings for the sponsoring client. Initial “failure” has prevented a company from making a large investment in the process will not work as expected or products that can not meet the performance and needs of the market economy.


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Their aim of the project was recently conducted for major international manufacturers, is the hydrogenation of polymers for use in high-capacity data storage. These clients choose to outsource the project because of the diversity of the properly sized equipment available at our facility.

The base polymer has been generated by the client in continuous production facilities were great and the scope of work is limited to hydrogenation. Unfortunately, the market testing of the target product revealed that its properties fail to meet expectations.

Because it is not feasible to interfere with commercial production to produce small quantities of precursors differentiated for further work, client-facing project abandonment.