The Akashic records are quite simply an energetic database in the ethers. Sounds pretty wafty and off the planet, but just like the internet, it’s a magnificent source of information that you can easily access, if you know how.

They are a filing system, like an energetic library, that records every thought, feeling, event, action and experience since the beginning of time. You can also learn more about akashic records meditation to get health benefits.

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Perhaps it’s not to know why the Akashic Records are there but only know that they can be accessed to help you in your current life. The energy of the Akashic Records is in the ether, so it’s everywhere.

There are of course certain rules when trying to access the Akashic Records and the Records Guides oversee who wants to access the Records and why.

The Akashic Records are accessed by entering into certain states of consciousness. Although some people who are highly sensitive or psychic can do this. It’s not a state you want to be in though in your daily life.

There are so many areas you can explore in the Akashic Records. You can find out how many lives you shared together and what kind of relationships you’ve had. This life you might be siblings, and in a past life you might be parent and child.

The most popular reason for accessing the Akashic Records is for healing. Perhaps you are currently experience some kind of limitation in your life.

Healing by accessing the Akashic Records is a very powerful process. All spiritual healing is healing you at a soul level. And in this life we are here for our Soul Purpose, we have a mission for being here.