Packing carefully is the key when it comes to having a great experience while staying in a hostel. Many amateurs make a lot of mistakes by bringing items that aren’t going to be beneficial during their stay in the hostel. If you’re going to stay in a hostel for the first-time, then relax and don’t get stress. Just remember not to bring these items during your travel.

  1. Alarm Clock – You may depend on your alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. However, the alarm clock will lead to taking much more space and make a lot of noise while disturbing others sleep. Keep it simple by using the alarm function of your phone.
  2. Calendar – Another simple mistake amateurs do is they bring along a calendar with them. Avoid bringing one as todays smartphones are capable of providing date and time. And if you still need to check one, then look at the walls of the hostels comprising of a calendar.
  3. Expensive Items – many travelers nowadays bring expensive items such as jewelries, cameras, laptops etc. However, one needs to be extremely cautious because you never know the true intentions of the other traveler staying with you in the same hostel.
  4. Bad Attitude – This is not an item however, very important to remember. If you’re an introvert be very careful because travelers love to talk to one another. So, keep your bad attitude back home.

Remember these items during your travel and stay in some of the best hostels in Canggu, Bali.