If you are willing to invest money in building a Google Ad Words consider using the list. It’s faster than the methods of free traffic because your ads are highly targeted and immediately appears on the first page of

Use Google Ad Words to build your list

1. Keyword Research Google.

If you tried to get first-page ranking for your squeeze page using the optimization of search engines, it would take several weeks or months depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. Google Ad Words allows you to get instant traffic. If you want to get more information about the Google ad words course then you can visit browzify.com/google-adwords-courses/.

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Check the “exact” under match types to find the exact keywords people enter the Google search box to find information. The keyword tool will provide a list of keywords related to the seed word or phrase you entered.

On the right side of the results, it will show the number of global and monthly searches for each keyword. The keyword tool can also display the estimated average cost per click.

2. Create your ads

Create two ads so you can split test them against each other. Try to use your keyword in the ad title, ad copy, and URLs. Keywords are automatically bold. Start with 10 keywords related to placing in your ad group using a wide correspondence.