A home is never complete without having full protection against extreme weather conditions. Making the exterior of the house strong so that infiltration of any kind and wear and tear are prevented is an essential part of building strong homes.

Protective siding installed to the exterior of the home offers protection against harsh weather conditions while keeping the exteriors looking good. If you want to get more information about siding, then you can navigate to https://revampo.ca/fr/blog/revetement-exterieur

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There are many different types of siding available in the market today, being one of the most essential building materials. Siding is most commonly classified based on the material it is made of. Some of the most used sidings are:

Wood: one of the oldest siding available is wood, with many different textures and types. Most of them require finishing up with paint or other treatments that keep them safe from rotting and insects. Its disadvantage is that they are high maintenance, with replacement required after a certain period.

Aluminum: It is known to be a very popular replacement for wood siding because of the maintenance problems that come with wood. Durable and economical, the aluminum sidings are available with painted finishes. But over time, they are susceptible to damages from dents, chalking or damages related to the painted surface. Although they are low maintenance, they tend to be very noisy.

Stucco/cement: made with cement, this siding offers very strong protection and is a low maintenance option as well. This siding is moisture-proof and keeps the temperature in the interiors of homes low.