Underfloor heating systems can prove to be very effective in cold countries. They not only keep the floor warm but also keep the room comfortable because they capture the heat and do not let the heat loss.

In addition, you can now leave the tension in the air when a toddler crawls on the floor or when your pet lying on bare floors. If you want to get an underfloor heating system to be installed, then you can click https://www.greenair-cy.com/services/heating-systems/.

Type of Underfloor Heating System:

The heating system is available in three types. All three are highly effective and environmentally friendly.

Electric underfloor heating systems:

It usually consists of a knitted mat electric cable, which can be conveniently installed under the floor to be heated. This generates heat in with the help of electricity. It is most preferred because they are the most effective.

Hydraulic or Water Pipe Heating System:

This type of system uses hot water to provide the desired heat and warmth to a room. A network of water pipes installed under the floor, which supplies water and warmth to the floor.

This water is heated in boilers and heating is carried out using a natural fuel such as gas, wood or solar energy. Thus, this system is purely environmentally friendly.

Heated Water System: This also includes web pipes installed under the floor, which circulated hot air to the floor to keep warm. This heat is produced in the same way as the hot water.